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BIBS Baby Glass Bottle

BIBS Baby Glass Bottle

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The BIBS Baby Glass Bottle is the ultimate essential for your baby and toddler.

The bottles have been specially designed and developed in the purest and premium material.

Glass is the absolute purest material for both food and beverages, as it is 100% safe and emits no harmful substances into the milk - making it an easy and safe option for parents.

The glass type is first class temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, which is both very durable and extremely heat resistant.

The nipple has been specially developed to match the nipple from our popular BIBS Color pacifier which promotes the right sucking technique for successful breastfeeding, to avoid confusion if you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

The nipple is produced from soft natural rubber latex and designed with an anti-colic valve, to ensure the best milk flow for your baby.

  • Nipples are available with both slow and medium flow - suitable for both milk and water.
  • Contains a milk lock for easy and hygienic storage, which will be placed under the screw cap and cap.
  • Contains a funnel to fill up the bottle fast and easily with less milk/formula waste.
  • We recommend replacing the nipple every 4-6 weeks for both safety and hygienic reasons.
  • Features both ml and oz measurements.
  • All parts EXCEPT the nipple are dishwasher safe. Do not clean the latex nipple in the dishwasher! This will break the nipple. The nipple should be sterilized by scalding.
  • Specially developed to meet European standards. EN14350. 
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Customer Reviews

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Siobhan Blaine

Absolutely love these bottles! My baby took to the dummy’s so well, which made the transition to these bottles so much easier. No issues with wind either which makes it a win win!
Highly recommend the slow flow nipple if you’re still breastfeeding.